Randeep Hooda's much awaited thrilling web series CAT is  released on Netflix.

Along with Hooda, CAT stars Hasleen Kaur, Suvinder Vicky, Geeta Aggarwal, Jaipreet Singh, Pramod  Pathak & others.

CAT narrates the story of Gurnam(Randeep), who in an attempt to save his brother's life, who is a drug peddler, is compelled to go back  to being an informant.

Gurnam used to be one during the Insurgency of the 1990s as CAT.  What follows is what constructs  the whole story.

CAT has a strong & unique storyline. Screenplay is tight & that is what actually builds the interest.

Balwindar Singh Janjua as the director has done a splendid job. Full marks  to him & his team.

Randeep Hooda once again proved 'Why is admired so much'. He is  terrific as Gurnam.

Other actors such as Hasleen & Suvinder are also brilliant  in their roles.

Overall, we loved every bit of CAT because of its gripping narrative & stellar performances. If you're a thriller lover, watch this  without a delay.

Team Kiddaan rates CAT 4.5 out of 5.