Stranger Things season 4 has now come to its shocking, emotional end in two feature-length, blockbuster episodes.

There are many questions that are left unanswered & creates suspense after the end of season 4.

Fans are already waiting for the 5th season to arrive soon & clear all the suspense created at the season 4's end.

We don't know exactly what story season 5 will tell but we've already had some  teases from the creators  & cast in interviews.

When season 5 was announced, the Duffer Brothers said that the "complete story arc" was planned out 7 years ago to culminate in season 5.

It looks like season 5 is also likely to be a bit of an  emotional rollercoaster.

The cast is not confirmed yet but there is one character that is likely to return is  villainous Vecna.

The ending still fits "the rough sketch they created, but it becomes more interesting & exciting" said the creators.

Season 5 will take time as production of the movie  has not yet started.

The next season might be released roughly around  2024.