Filmmaker Muthaiya is probably the lone Tamil filmmaker, who still makes rural-based stories.

He is back with Karthi in his latest outing Viruman, which has all the predictable secnes that you usual in his film.

It might be predictable but still manages to work, mostly because of the performances  & drama.

The story goes like Viruman, who considers that his father responsible for his mother’s suicide.

Driven by the rage to avenge his mother’s sucide, Viruman tries to kill his father from a young age.

The full cast are Karthi, Prakash Raj, Aditi Shankar, Raj Kiran & Saranya Ponvannan.

Every member of the film has created their own aroma which is next to magic.

Viruman is the kind of film you don’t mind overseeing because it creates a festive experience that makes it different.

In 2022, joint family is a concept that is considered old-fashioned to most of us but trust Muthaiya to make us invest in his story & never disappoints.

It's definitely one of the best rural-based stories to come out of Tamil cinema in recent years.