Maggie Sajak is the latest addition to the popular TV show Wheel Of Fortune.

Maggie is the daughter of the  show's host Pat Sajak.

Maggie entered the show filling in turning letters for Vanna White, while White took on Pat's hosting duties after Pat underwent emergency surgery in early 2020.

Maggie then became a social correspondent, giving behind-the-scenes looks at the workings of the iconic game show.

She also occasionally appears on the show and teases her dad off-screen.

Maggie was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on January 5, 1995.

She graduated from Princeton University, and attended a postgraduate program at  Columbia University.

As per the reports, she is currently studying law, however the name of her institution is not known.

Maggie is also a country singer who loves to play guitar.

Now as Pat Sajak has announced his retirement, he might pass his torch to his daughter, Maggie.