Instagram users have come across something unusual and mysterious in the world of Instagram.

Instagram users get logged out of the social media application on searching '#Embedded'.

An error notification appears on the screen after you get logged out on searching '#Embedded'.

Many came across the error notification that reads “You’ve been logged out of Admin ABC. The account owner may have changed the password”.

The popup on the screen is literally shocking for users as they get logged out from their own account showing their password has changed.

Some users also reported that their password is permanently changed and they are having a lot of difficulties in logging in again.

However, most of them are able to login again while some are still trying to recover their account.

This is happening because of the unnoticed glitch in Instagram.

Since netizens found out about this glitch, they are now promoting others to search for the same for fun.

However, this glitch is only occurring on Instagram Mobile Version and not the Desktop Version.