What Is The Real Name Of Yash, Lead Actor Of Blockbuster Franchise, KGF?

The South Indian film industry has undoubtedly taken over the country like a storm. Some of the franchises have given the country their greatest ever cinematic pieces and the Kannada action-drama, K.G.F is one of them. KGF: Chapter 1 was released in 2018 and it made ‘Rocky Bhai’ a household name in the country.

Rocky in KGF was played by Yash, who is now one of the highest paid celebrities in the country. While many of you would believe ‘Yash’ is the real name of the artist, you are wrong! He uses Yash as his stage name! The real name of the KGF-lead is Naveen Kumar Gowda.

Not many people are aware of the fact that Naveen uses Yash as his stage name. It is hardly ever that we hear any media outlet referring to him as Naveen, which makes the audience unknown about the real name of their favorite actor.

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He started his acting career with a few roles in television shows like Nanda Gokula, Uttarayana and Silli Lalli. His film career started with the 2007 release, Jambada Hudugi. But it was with the 2008 release, Moggina Manasu that he got his first breakthrough! The film made him a known name in the Kannada industry.

Then, Yash went on to do a number of films in the Kannada industry, but not many were able to engage the audience. But it was finally in 2018, that the giant named ‘KGF’ was born and the fate of Yash and the Kannada film industry was changed forever. 

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KGF was defined as a revolution in the Kannada film industry. The film got its sequel in the year 2022 with KGF: Chapter 2 which is speculated to shatter big box office records. KGF has changed the Kannada film industry from regional to a global platform!

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