You Can Buy 8 Altos For Parmish Verma’s Costly Wearable Item! Check Out What Is It

The very popular and people-favourite Parmish Verma is not leaving any stone unturned in making his name shine among the fans. Recently, he got married to Canada-based Politician Geet Grewal and got highlighted when he gifted a super expensive Bentley as an engagement gift to her. 

Then he added yet another Mercedes car in his car-collection and now he has again made people go surprised with his latest accessory. Earlier, Parmish was the talk of the industry because of his very expensive wrist watch worth Rs 18 Lacs & this time also, he has gone too far with just a similar, single item. It has become quite often for the audience to read about Parmish and see him entering the gossip mill because of his amazing sense of style. 

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Parmish, recently shared a story where he was seen unboxing a brand new Rolex watch and when we searched for its price we were left surprised. What is making us this amazed? It is the price of the wrist watch, the price of his brand new Rolex watch is Rs 2,856,000. Yes, 28 Lacs for a branded wrist watch. 

To get a more detailed idea about how much that money is, in India, you can get almost 8 Maruti Suzuki Alto cars for that price! Costing Rs. 3.15 lacs, Rs. 28 lacs would buy you almost 8 Altos in India. It’s just mind blowing how Parmish is carrying that amount simply on his wrist!

The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 is the latest version of the Rolex watch in Platinum material, that is 18 CT Yellow Gold with a Silver Diagonal Motif Dial. It has an adjustable in-built feature of the dates and the days. Day-Date 40 Oyster costs around Rs 28 Lacs. 

Day-Date 40, Oyster, 40 mm

This costly wrist watch of Parmish Verma has made us believe how big of a fashion freak he is. Parmish is an entire package of everything that an artist has to be, he surely knows how to rock the fashion industry with his modish looks.

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