You Might Know About Arjan Dhillon’s Village Bhadaur, But Not About Its History! Let’s Check Out!

One thing that Punjabi artists are proud of and never seem to forget is their ‘roots’. No matter how big of a celebrity they might become, or how many countries they perform in, they will always remember their village. The perfect example of this is none other than one of the most talented artists in the industry right now, Arjan Dhillon.

Arjan Dhillon hails from the village of ‘Bhadaur’ in the Barnala district of Punjab. He is somebody who takes pride in this and his writing always has references to his homeland. Arjan might have come far in his career but the man has not forgotten his soil yet. Another notable observation about Arjan Dhillon’s writing is that he is one of the few lyricists at present in the industry, whose writing speaks of Punjab’s rich culture and history.

One reason behind this can probably be Arjan Dhillon’s homeland, Bhadaur! Most of us know about the village Bhadaur, and for those who don’t, Bhadaur Wala Arjan has let them know about his village through his songs! While you might be familiar with the village of Bhadaur, we bet you have no clue about the historical significance of the place!

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In the middle of the village, lies the historical Bhadaur Fort. It was built with Bhadauri Itt (small bricks) in 1693 AD by Rāma Singh, son of Phūl Singh. It is currently one of the few private forts in Punjab, owned by Harpreet Inder Singh Phoolka. The fort has been of great historical significance.

Bhadaur Fort Has Been The Main Stage Of Various Iconic Historical Events:

1. Akali Phoola Singh

Akali Phoola Singh used the fort as a shelter before being sent to Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Akali Phoola Singh Ji served as the direct advisor to Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He served as the general of Sikh army in many battles until martyrdom at the Battle Of Naushera

2. Annexion Meetings

Important Annexion Meetings of the Cis-Sutlej States were also held by the British India East Company at this fort.

3. Discussions

The British and Attar Singh Sahib Of Bhadaur had a meeting at the fort regarding whether Maharaja Dalip Singh should be allowed to visit India or not.

4. War With Marathas

When the Marathas invaded the royal city of Patiala, the War Of Marathas took place here. Chuhar Singh Bhadauria was the chief-in-command to rule Marathas out, which he successfully did from Bahadurgarh.

5. Marriage Of Prince Naunihal Singh

The Marriage of Prince Naunihal Singh, grandson of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, was married to Bibi Attar Kaur Of Bhadaur at the fort.

6. Shelter To Refugees

During the riots that broke out during the partition of 1947, Harjang Singh sheltered Muslim refugees at the fort.

7. Malerkotla Afghans

The invasion of Malerkotla Afghans, whose 66 villages were seized by Sardars from Bhadaur, also took place at the fort.

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There are some of the historical events that were hosted by the Bhadaur Fort. No doubt where Arjan Dhillon draws his inspiration for deep historical lyrics from. He hails from a historical city and it is pretty visible in his writing art too!

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