15 Year Old Harcharan Singh Murdered By Girlfriend’s Family In Uttar Pradesh

15 Year Old Harcharan Singh Murdered By Girlfriend’s Family In Uttar Pradesh

A story of brutal murder of a 15 year old young boy in Uttar Pradesh is doing rounds on the social media. Recently a case was registered against a family in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh for murdering 15 years old Harcharan Singh and then throwing his dead body in the fields. 

As per the reports, Harcharan Singh received a call from his girlfriend Manpreet Kaur and he left home with his two friends to meet her on 8th September. He had told his family that he was going to visit a Gurudwara but did not return. The next day his dead body was found in sugarcane fields in terrible condition. Police started the investigation and started the body for postmortem where it was found out that the boy died due to electric current.

The family of Harcharan Singh had appealed for a strict investigation against the family of Manpreet Kaur. The case has been filed against Manpreet Kaur, her mother and three others. Harcharan’s brother in law sent an official complaint letter to SP Dinesh Kumar P and stated that Harcharan was involved in a romantic relationship with a girl but her family was totally against it and used to send his life threats. He has appealed to the officials to look into the matter and help them get justice. 

The police have already arrested Manpreet Kaur and her mother, but Harcharan’s family demands the arrest of the other two accused too. The family of the deceased is very strict about if the police fail to arrest them, they will protest against it. 

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