3 December 2021: Omjee Star Studios And Amberdeep Singh To Release A Big Title On The Date

One of the biggest production houses of the Punjabi industry, Omjee Star Studios is making moves to make 2021 a big year for them. To pile up on the already huge list of movies releasing this year under their production, Munish Omjee, the founder and chairman of the Omjee group has asked the audience to save 3 December 2021 on their calendars.

Munish Omjee and Amberdeep Singh uploaded an Instagram post to make the announcement regarding the date. Not much information about it is released but he’s made sure that a big title is going to be released on the booked date. The project is a collaboration with Amberdeep Productions. Amberdeep is one of the biggest director-writers in the Punjabi film industry and his movies are always worth waiting for. 

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Released under Omjee and Amberdeep Productions, it is sure that the title is going to be a big one. If we dig deep into the background of the information, it is probably one of the most awaited movies of the year ‘Je Jatt Vigad Geya’. The film stars Nimrat Khaira, Amberdeep Singh and Aditi Sharma in the lead roles.

Diljit Dosanjh and Nimrat Khaira starrer ‘Jodi’ is another big title pending to be released on Amberdeep’s side but it is not in collaboration with Omjee Star Studios, so all the hints point at one name ‘Je Jatt Vigad Geya’. The story of the film revolves around the exploitation of farmers and their hard lives. It is directed and written by Amberdeep himself.


However, the big title releasing on 3 December 2021 is unconfirmed yet. We are waiting for an official announcement from the team’s side because the audience has already become over-excited for it!

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