4 Interesting Facts About Ammy Sonam’s Muklawa!

Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa both are personalities whose fans are really loyal towards them. Because they miss no chance to get to know their favorite celebs a little more. And we must say, they both are not only currently leading the Industry but together they are also one of the most popular and in-demand on-screen pair of Punjabi Industry. And this is why all their films are winning the hearts of the audience and earning immense love. Muklawa is also one of their last releases together which hit the screens in 2019. Though this film received a mixed response from the audience, still it was successful in impressing people with the help of its really beautiful melodies. And we have some really interesting stories and facts about this film you didn’t know before. 

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There is this beautiful song in the movie, called Gulabi Paani, filmed on Sonam Bajwa and Ammy Virk. And before its shooting, the team member pranked Sonam and told her that there were crocodiles in the water. Knowing this, Sonam was so scared that she wasn’t even ready to shoot for the song. And later it was a really difficult task for everybody to make her believe it was a prank and convince her for the shoot. 

In the film, there is a part where Ammy asks B.N Sharma about Muklawa, and the way BN Sharma replied to him, it made everybody on the sets laugh out loud. Though, it took time for B.N Sharma to realize why everybody laughed. Also surprising is the fact that to get this small scene perfect it took about 5 hours.

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The next story is about the popular song of the film, Jutti. This is a beautiful song indeed, but the story behind it is not so pretty actually. The mela sequence of this song was shot in Ganganagar, Rajasthan where a crowd of 800-1000 people was present on the set. And the shoot was done in a burning temperature of 50 degrees and that too on the extremely hot sand. It was a difficult task for the crew members to manage the crowd but still, the shoot was completed by evening on the same day. Isn’t this really shocking to know how much our favorite celebs deal with just to serve us with good and entertaining projects?

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Another interesting fact about the film is about the dialogue “Oh taa kado di ghare pohnch gyi, te tu kalleyan hi katar batar kari janda ae”. This dialogue was delivered by Karamjit Anmol in the scene where Ammy with him comes to meet Sonam Bajwa. Sonam arrived there with her friend and sat in the opposite direction of Ammy, and left when Ammy didn’t even utter a single word for some while. And this is when Karamjit says this dialogue. But do you know this dialogue was never in the script? But Karamjit presented it in such a way that everybody laughed really hard, and hence, it was kept.

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Didn’t you find these stories crazy and exciting at the same time? We hope you had a good time reading this story and got to know some more about your favorite celebrities and this film. By the way, which is your favorite film of Sonam and Ammy together?

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