Many People Think Kamal Haasan Has Muslim Name, But They’re Wrong; Read The Name’s Meaning

There are many Bollywood actors and actresses with a different name who appear to be someone else. For example most people consider Kamal Haasan to be a Muslim because of his name. But this is not true. The truth is that Kamal Haasan was born in 1952 in a Tamil Brahmin Iyengar family in Paramakudi, Tamil Nadu. His father D Srinivasan was a lawyer and freedom fighter.

The real name of the actor is Parthasarathy Srinivasan. Haasan was initially named after the deity Parthasarathy in the Pallava-era temple in Chennai. Later his father changed his name to Kamal Haasan when he was 6 years old.

Changed name to honor a muslim friend 

According to a popular theory, D Srinivasan changed the name of his son to honor his Muslim friend Yakub Haasan, with whom he spent some time in a jail cell during the freedom struggle.

Talking about the impact of his late father on his life, he once said, “I did not know the purpose of my birth, but he knew the purpose of my birth. When he was asked why he allowed me to pursue the field of art and cinema instead of becoming an IAS officer, my father replied that I could first become an artist and then become an IAS officer. He told me to follow my path.”

Meaning of the name “Kamal Haasan”

The actor revealed that his name is derived from Sanskrit and has a unique meaning. His first name ” Kamal” means a lotus and the last name “Haasan” is derived from Hasya meaning Laughter.

Other Bollywood actors who chose Arabic names for their kids

There are several bollywood actors who chose Arabic names for their kids such as Hrithik Roshan chose one of his son’s names “Hrehaan”. 

Amrita Arora named her son “Rayaan”. 

Even Lara Dutta chose an Arabic name “Saira” for her daughter. 

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