National Siblings Day: 5 Bollywood Celebrities With Siblings Away From Film Industry

Bollywood stars often remain in the news. Some remain in the headlines for their films and some for their personal life. 

On National Siblings Day, we introduce you to the brothers and sisters of some Bollywood stars, who are siblings of famous faces, but always stay away from the limelight and even if they accidentally get caught in the media cameras, no one can recognize them.

Sunny Deol and his sisters

Everyone knows Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol because they belong to the film industry, but very few people know about their sisters. Dharmendra was first married to Prakash Kaur. From this marriage he had four children – Sunny, Bobby, Vijayta and Ajeeta.

Both sisters of Sunny Deol like to stay away from media cameras. Vijeeta is the director of ‘Rajkamal Holdings and Trading Private Limited’. Vijeeta lives in Delhi with her family. Meanwhile, Ajita lives with her family in America.

Akshay Kumar and Alka Bhatia

Akshay Kumar is often in the news about his family. The player has also mentioned his sister Alka Bhatia many times, but was never seen with her in the media. Alka likes to stay away from the camera. However, she is a film producer and has produced some of Akshay’s films.

Kartik Aaryan and Kritika Aaryan

Kartik Aryan is a popular star of Bollywood. He also has a younger sister, Kritika, with whom he often shares photos. Kritika is a doctor by profession.

Aishwarya RaI Bachchan and Aditya Rai

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is famous all over the world. Whereas, his elder brother Aditya Rai stays away from the media. Let us tell you, Aishwarya’s brother is an engineer in the Merchant Navy. Aditya had produced Aishwarya’s film Dil Ka Rishta several years ago, the story of which was co-written by his mother Vrinda Rai.

Ranveer Singh and Ritika Bhavnani

The name of Ranvir Singh’s sister is Ritika Bhavnani, who is far away from the glamor industry. He does not like to expose his personal life to the public.

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