5 Reasons To Watch Randeep Hooda’s CAT Web Series Based On Punjab’s Drug Peddling Issue!

Written and directed by Balwinder Singh Januja, this new series CAT is all about the insurgency and drug peddling issue in Punjab. As per the plot, Randeep Hooda plays the character of a police informant Gurnam alias Garry, who lost his parents to scourge at a very young age, and has been fielded as CAT to eradicate the militant gangs. 

The story is a mixture of crime, suspense, thriller, action, drama, everything one would think of that too in a series! It shows that Punjab, what people think, is all about enjoyment, unique culture, dance and food, has another side which is realistic, to which the people are not aware of! The series shows the bitter truth, a dark side of Punjab which movies or TV serials rarely cover! 

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch CAT

1. No Fake Punjabi Accent

As we all know that Randeep Hooda belongs to Haryana, speaking Punjabi was not that easy for him, especially when he himself has an all-time Haryanavi touch in his language. However, Hooda is famous for taking up new challenges. Reportedly, for perfection in Punjabi, he decided only to talk in Punjabi language with everyone. Moreover, this was something which worked as a boost for Hooda in sharpening his Punjabi accent and taking it towards perfection!

2. Biggest Issue Of Punjab: Drug Peddling!

Drug Peddling has always been a burning issue in Punjab. Especially with movies like Udta Punjab, the entire nation is aware of this issue and to what extent it has been spreading across the state. Reportedly, not even a single scene was shot on any kind of set! As per the information, Balwinder Singh Januja, the creator-director of the series, keeping in mind about the politics, diversity, culture, environment and ground level issues of Punjab, shot every scene in the state across 80 different locations, so as to highlight the drug peddling as well as some other issues, and perfectly showcase the communal brotherhood, culture and tradition of Punjab in a realistic way.

Moreover, even the locals can be seen in the shoot, which enhanced the typical Punjabi feel in the series!  

3. Brilliancy Put Into The Character By Randeep

Like we said earlier, Randeep Hooda is always very specific and dedicated for any role he plays. Here, as it was a typical Punjabi character, he learnt Punjabi and used to talk only in that particular language! In the last 22 years, Randeep Hooda has played numerous unique characters and always receives love and praise from across the country. This time too, Randeep left no stone unturned to give his 100%. Not only his way of speaking, his tone, looks and even the way he used to walk, was inspired from Punjabis. 

From his dialogue deliveries to outfits, turban style, beard, everything looks absolutely realistic! 

4. Talented Supporting Cast And Crew

Along with Randeep Hooda, some of the renowned actors including Suvinder Vicky, eminent Punjabi actor Sukhwinder Chahal, Miss India-Earth Hasleen Kaur and dedicated crew members, this perfect combination of various talents make this series more unique and interesting! Notably, the crew was looking after each and every detail and the entire series is an absolute example of perfection! 

5. Real Cultural Depiction

From locations, environment, conversations, people to food and culture, each and every detail had been keenly observed during the shooting of this series. The entire cast and crew worked their best to show how and what changed in Punjab from 1990 to 2006. To take the perfection to a next level, some local Punjabi actors have also been involved here!

Creator-director Balwinder Singh Januja’s major focus was to keep it realistic and natural so that the people can relate with it while watching the series. Notably, 8 original songs have been used here at different moments! 

To conclude, this series is a complete package in itself! Showcasing Punjab’s ground reality from 1990 to 2006, revolving around Gurnam’s journey from childhood to adulthood, how he becomes a police’s spy in a militant group, the reality of gangster culture and politics at root level, it is something interesting and unique to watch!

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