5 Roles That Prove Sargun Mehta Is The Most Versatile Gem Of Punjabi Industry

The people-favorite Sargun Mehta is ace of all the playing cards as she is one of the most loved actresses of Punjabi industry in the current time. She has stood out of the league to choose wisely for her characters and then grabbed all the praises from the audience. Unquestionably, Sargun can be easily tagged as the most ‘Versatile’ actor of Pollywood. 

Her stupendous roles have always defined her adaptability as she has always been successful in making them remembered by everyone. From not making any plans to be an actress to standing on top currently, Sargun Mehta has come a long way to make her irreplaceable space in the Punjabi industry. 

5 Most Versatile Roles Of Sargun Mehta 


Angrej was the perfect choice for Sargun Mehta to make her debut in the Punjabi industry. Her character ‘Dhann Kaur’ will always remain everyone’s favorite and the real Punjabi movie lovers won’t ever forget her amazing yet graceful acting in the film. 


Playing a Pakistani Muslim girl, Sargun Mehta adapted the role very flawlessly. Her way of talking, dressing and of course acting in the movie have made it a special film of Sargun’s career. ‘Ameeran’ can be easily called as one of the challenging characters but when we saw Sargun performing it, it became usual and amazing. 

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Can anyone really forget ‘Bani’? Of course, No. Qismat has been the most successful film of Sargun Mehta’s Pollywood career and her character from this film got an immense response from the viewers. Even today, Bani can be called as one of the most recognized characters of Punjabi movies so far. 


Blending herself straight to something different is what Sargun Mehta has the ability to do with so much ease. Jhalle is the example of it, ‘Neena’ is a girl with psychological disorder and then the film moves further with laughter and drama. There comes no such point where we can find Sargun Mehta acting as she has performed the character flawlessly. 

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Surkhi Bindi 

The bubbly yet serious shade of Sargun Mehta can easily be visible in the character ‘Rano’ from Surkhi Bindi. A girl who has high dreams but later settles herself with her caring husband is what can inspire many girls out there. She has definitely done a commendable job in showcasing her talent as Rano. 

These were just 5 of many roles she has played so far, Sargun Mehta is a real gem and this cannot be denied by anyone. We have always loved the way she has presented herself on-screens and are looking forward to more of her screen presence.

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