Aaja Mexico Challiye Trailer REVIEW: Get Ready To Witness The Untold Stories Of Millions Of Illegal Immigrants

The official trailer of Ammy Virk, Nasir Chinyoti, Zafri Khan and Honey Mattu starrer Aaja Mexico Challiye is finally out on Youtube. A closely bound storyline of real world problems promises a cinematic masterpiece with a perfect balance of comedy, emotion and drama. The film went through quite a number of delays but finally we have got the official trailer today.

The trailer initially shows Ammy Virk convincing his parents to send him to America. It tries to highlight how the expectations of earning better abroad pushes the youth to go to far off lands. A major part of the trailer is dedicated to introducing the characters one by one and a whole lot of comedy.

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As the trailer progresses, the comedy starts fading away and the attention shifts to the other part of the story, the real issue. It shows how illegal immigrants are befooled by agents, deceived of money, cover miles on foot through tough terrains, suffer supply shortages and personal issues with just one motive of reaching their desired country. Yasaman Mohsani makes entry to the screens as the trailer closes in a comic clip.

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By watching the trailer, it seems like director and writer Rakesh Dhawan has tried to understand the motivation and the reason why a huge number of people, especially youth, choose to pursue such methods to go to foreign countries, even after knowing it is all illegal. At the same time, it is an attempt at depicting the struggles that illegal immigrants go through. 

The trailer is very promising, just like the cast of the movie. Rakesh Dhawan’s writing is unquestionable and he has that reputation of picking up ground level real world problems and bringing them on screen in the most honest way possible. Set to release on 25 February, 2022, the trailer has made Aaja Mexico Challiye so far the most anticipated movie of the year. We hope ‘most anticipated’ is replaced with ‘best’ in the last sentence when the movie hits the theatres.

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