Aamber Dhaliwal Is Finally In A Relationship, Reveals Through An Instagram Post

Aamber Dhaliwal, has recently updated the public on her relationship status. She has a happy news in her life and looks like she’s moved on with her last relationship with Punjabi singer Dilpreet Dhillon. By uploading a post on her Instagram account, the model made her new relationship public.


The man in Aamber’s life is unknown yet. The post does not reveal anything about Aamber’s new love interest but Aamber describes him as an angel in her life. Expressing her love for the angel in her life in the cutest way, Aamber wrote “I Love You” in the caption.

Interestingly, Aamber has deleted all her previous posts on her Instagram and has only the relationship post up. Maybe a way of showing that her past life does not matter to her anymore, what matters is the present.

Aamber’s last relationship wasn’t what you call a happy relationship. Dilpreet Dhillon and Aamber Dhaliwal were a fan-favourite couple but things did not end well for them. Due to some personal issues, the couple had to split up and end the two-year old marriage.

And now, it feels like Aamber is finally done with getting over that relationship. It’s always good to start things over. What’s gone is the past and cannot be changed and Aamber has proved she’s not somebody who will let her past govern her further life. 

We wish Aamber a happy relationship and wish her all the success in future.

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