Akshara Singh Talked About Her Toxic Ex Boyfriend Who Sent Boys With Acid To Attack Her

Akshara Singh Talked About Her Toxic Ex Boyfriend Who Sent Boys With Acid To Attack Her

Akshara Singh, who is a very popular Bhojpuri actress, rose to national fame after participating in Bigg Boss OTT. In the BB house, she was paired with Pratik Sehajpal and later with Millind Gaba. Though she is now eliminated from the show, she is managing to stay in the highlights as various news portals and media organizations are approaching her for interviews. 

Recently in an exclusive conversation with Times of India, Akshara Singh opened up about her journey inside the BB house, dream to be in Bigg Boss, ex boyfriend, fighting depression and a lot more. The actress revealed that she was in a relationship with a Bhojpuri star but things got ugly when they broke up. She stated that her ex boyfriend sent boys with acid to attack me. Not only this, but he also made sure that she got no work.

After all this happened, she was thrown out of various projects which she had already signed, and nobody would offer her work. And it was when with the support of her family, she decided to try her luck in singing. Luckily fans loved her singing also, but that happiness didn’t stay for long. Soon music companies stopped buying her music as they too were pressured for not giving her any work.  At last, she decided to release songs on her own music label which she did and earned a great response once again. 

She surely has faced a lot, and stated that she really wishes that no girl has to go through whatever she had to. For now, talking about her work front, there is probably something cooking between her and popular Punjabi singer B Praak as she met him recently.

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