Amanda Cerny And Mia Khalifa Replied To The Online Trolls On Farmers Protest

After former adult star Mia Khalifa and content creator Amanda Cerny tweeted on Indian farmers’ protest, it hogged maximum attention and they got massively trolled. But this time they clapped back to the trolls, as many people claimed that they both are being paid to support the farmers.

Mia Khalifa shared a fresh tweet in support of farmers as she wrote: “And just like that, two girls have dismantled the world’s largest economy and government, one tweet at a time. @AmandaCerny #forthefarmers

Where on the other side, Amanda Cerny hitting back at the trolls as she tweeted 

“After seeing how much we are getting paid, she said she prefers “by-the-hour” (smart girl) but let me talk with her… I’m sure she would do it for free for the Farmers! – see attached for fully executed agreement.”

Meanwhile, recently American actress Amanda Cerny shared the picture from her recent photoshoot which is sponsored by Mia Kalifa, and in the caption, she wrote: “🌾🚜💚 #nofarmersnofood #sponsoredbymiakhalifa @miakhalifa”  

Take a look at the post:

Previously, actress Mia Khalifa also tweeted about for being paid for the farmer protest where she said: “”Paid actors, huh? Quite the casting director, I hope they’re not overlooked during awards season. I stand with the farmers. #FarmersProtest.” 

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