American Actress Angelina Jolie Joins Instagram, Shares A Heart-Wrenching Letter By A Young Girl From Afghanistan

American Actress Angelina Jolie Joins Instagram, Shares A Heart-Wrenching Letter By A Young Girl From Afghanistan

Oscar-winning actor Angelina Jolie joined social media to use her tremendous reach to speak about the upheaval in Afghanistan and enhance the voices of people fighting for their “basic human rights” across the globe.

Jolie on Friday shared a heartbreaking letter sent to her by a teen girl from Afghanistan in which she pointed out “how due to the fear of the Taliban they have been abandoned from their basic human rights such as education.”

Sharing the handwritten letter, Jolie wrote, “This is a letter I was sent from a teenage girl in Afghanistan. Right now, the people of Afghanistan are losing their ability to communicate on social media and to express themselves freely. So I`ve come on Instagram to share their stories and the voices of those across the globe who are fighting for their basic human rights.”

The actor who has earned more than 4 million followers within less than a day of her first Instagram post.

Jolie remembered the day when she was on the border of Afghanistan two weeks before 9/11, where she met Afghan refugees who had escaped the Taliban.

“It is sickening to watch Afghans being displaced yet again out of the fear and uncertainty that has gripped their country. To spend so much time and money, to have bloodshed and lives lost only to come to this, is a failure almost impossible to understand,” she wrote.

She ended her note by stating that she will “not run away” and will continue to “look for ways to help” Afghan refugees. “Knowing that if they had the tools and respect, how much they would do for themselves. And meeting so many women and girls who not only wanted an education, but fought for it,” Angelina Jolie wrote. “Like others who are committed, I will not turn away. I will continue to look for ways to help. And I hope you’ll join me,” she added.

She shared a group of pictures with a couple of Afghan women.

With the Taliban being back in the country, many Afghans fear that they will return to past harsh practices in their imposition of sharia, or Islamic religious law. During their 1996-2001 rule, women could not work and punishments such as stoning, whipping and hanging were administered.

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