Animal Activist Sahi Daljeet Asks ‘Safety Of Girl’ After Anonymous Guys Show ‘Middle Finger’ To Them

Sahi Daljeet, an animal activist shares a video of dogs and dedicated her life to dog rescue service. But recently she shared a video that will split you. In the video, there are some anonymous boys from Chandigarh roaming in a car, and teasing girls on the road. Not only this, the video shows the boys showing their middle fingers to a group of girls out of the car’s window.

During recording the video she also asked everyone whether girls are safe as the boys were not afraid of anything. In fact they knew that people were making their videos but still they were seen teasing and harassing the girls.

Here’s the video:

She even asked her followers that if they found these boys, then they would have to pay for their deed. And frequently some of them dropped the real names and usernames of these people. Moreover, one of the Instagram users has also shared the details of the car. According to these Instagram users, one of the boys in the car is recognised as Karam Waraich and the other is Pargat Chhina. And both of them deactivated their Instagram Accounts. 

It will surely be discovered who are the real accused. We hope the girls get justice and the action must be taken soon against these boys.

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