TVF Aspirants 2 Review: The Season Surrounds The Themes Of Insecurities And Struggles

The second season of “Aspirants” is officially streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The series surrounds the journey of three individuals who are striving to clear the UPSC exam despite its low passing rate. The Viral Fever introduced the series Aspirants in 2021 and the second season of the series has been released now. 


The story of Aspirants is plotted between 2 timelines just like the season 1. In one timeline, it is seen that Guri decides to opt out of UPSC and SK returns to Old Rajinder Nagar to prepare for the final attempt. Abhilash prepares for the final stage of his Civil Services Exam. 

The other timeline is set 5 years from the first one. Abhilash becomes a District Magistrate and SK is a teacher at an institute. Guri becomes a successful entrepreneur who is married to Dhairya, Abhilash’s ex. 

What we love about the season 2

Season 2 portrays the struggle of the 3 friends to maintain their friendship and bond with honesty and perfection. The 5 episodes depict the themes of insecurities and betrayal which are going around in their lives after they’ve chosen a different career path. The characters and their acting are developed very well.


The season 2 is less impactful than the first season. It is not as engaging as the promos showed. It also has a slow burn treatment which is unable to create a desired impact. But despite few critics, the season showcases the struggles of the three characters beautifully  and we are sure that it won’t disappoint you at all.

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