Athlete Milkha Singh Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Moves To Home Isolation

India has become one the most infected countries with coronavirus. The COVID-19 disease has had a huge impact globally, but India has suffered the most. The virus does not know who its prey is, a common man, a celebrity, a world leader or anybody. 

India has seen many Bollywood celebrities and sports persons being infected with the virus and now another distressing news is coming our way. Milkha Singh has been tested positive for coronavirus. 

The 91-year old living legend’s condition has been described as stable by the sources, but his fever, 101,  since last night is a cause of worry. Due to his fever, the athlete has moved to home isolation.

Milkha Singh is popularly known as The Flying Sikh all over the world due to his unimaginable sprinting speed and technique. He is one of the most renowned and the most awarded sprinters in the country. He has represented India almost all over the world and in all major sporting events, including Olympics. The sad news of such a gem of the country being affected by the virus is sure to cause distress among everyone. 

It is so shocking to know somebody who keeps himself fit, is a man connected to sports, is a complete diet and health conscious and somebody who was guiding everyone to keep oneself safe from the virus has himself been infected. 

This just shows how unpredictable the virus has become in the second wave. Nobody knows when the virus reaches next door, and enters into your own. We request everyone to follow all the COVID-related guidelines and keep themselves safe and at home during these hard times.

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