BTFU Review: Karan Aujla And Tru Skool Takes Us To The Good Old Days Of The Punjabi Folk

BacThafu*UP: Karan Aujla And Tru Skool Takes Us To The Good Old Days Of The Punjabi Folk

‘Trust The Process’ was all that we had been listening to for months, but it wasn’t late when Karan Aujla finally came up with the second intro of his album ‘Vibe Check’ and announced that the full ‘BacThafu*UP’ album would drop on 15 September. The day has finally arrived, the most awaited album of the year is finally here. The real question is, ‘Was trusting the process worth it?’

Ending the question in just one word – Definitely. ‘Vibe Check’ had made a statement that BTFU was going to be a total Punjabi folk album, and it surely is! The music by Tru Skool, the writing and the vocals by Karan Aujla feel totally Punjabi Folk. The original folk that had been missing in Punjabi Music for years now, has finally been re-awaken by Karan Aujla.

Out of the 12 songs in the album, ‘Chu Gon Do ?’ had already been released 2 months ago and ‘Click That B Kickin It’ was dropped by Karan Aujla on Speed Records’ Official Youtube Channel on 9 September. Then came the day of 15 September when the whole world witnessed one of the biggest superstars of the Punjabi Music Industry, Karan Aujla, drop his debut career music album. The album was released on major streaming platforms and immediately climbed up the top album charts of major countries. 

The highlight of the album remains the totally unique Punjabi folk music by Tru Skool. As said earlier, Tru Skool has left no stones unturned in ensuring that the album sounds as ‘desi’ as possible. The instruments like Dhol have been used in major parts of the album which adds the Bhangra taste to it. Ford (Loud AF), Here & There, Itz A Hustle, Addi Sunni, Ask About Me and Boli (Guns Up) are some of the songs impossible to hate!

Talking about Karan Aujla’s writing, this man is a legend. Without a doubt one of the smartest and the greatest lyricists to have ever been a part of music, the whole album is written so well. This time Aujla’s writing has totally outshined his brilliant vocals, the writing is too good to be true!

Every other song of the album would move you to a different world of music. It is an album that would be played in dance parties, Indian weddings and people would love to dance on the desi beats. There’s not a single song on the album that one can find boring or that is not unique. Every song carries its own different story, its own different vibe and its own different music to it. BTFU is surely an album that people would talk about for years. Punjabi Folk Music has not died yet, Karan Aujla and Tru Skool are here to save it.

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