BAS Review: Jaz Dhami & Karan Aujla Come Out With An Addictive Viby Track

Jaz Dhami and Karan Aujla’s ‘BAS’ has finally been released on Youtube. The teaser of the song had made the audience really excited for the track and it didn’t take much time for the duo to officially drop the track. Karan Aujla has penned down the lyrics and created the composition for the song. It features Jaz Dhami’s vocals and Karan appears in his signature cameo rap.

Jaz Dhami has marked a strong comeback with BAS. Most of the song is his part and he’s been able to create a vibe out of it. The fans are really going to flow with Yeah Proof’s catchy beat and the unique composition by Karan Aujla. As for the lyrics, Karan has again written about a girl cheating on a guy and we all know, nobody is better than Karan Aujla when it comes to such lyrics.

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Yeah Proof’s music always has plenty of elements and this time too, he’s mixed up a lot of elements and created a viby beat, as mentioned earlier. The highlight, however, remained Karan Aujla, the man himself. Whenever Karan has a cameo rap in songs, he’s always killed it and this time is no different. The Geetan Di Machine begins with a couple of hindi lines, gets comfortable with the beat and goes on to flow with it.

Hector Toro has done an excellent job at the music video. The video has different sequences, like one at the mansion, one on the huge yacht, one in the desert and many more. The transitions feel smooth to the eye and the use of bright colours like pink and blue have also given a good tint to the video. Overall, the music video of BAS is top-notch.

The disappointing fact was that Karan Aujla hardly had a 30-second cameo. All of us had been waiting to hear Karan Aujla after a long span of 2 months and we only got a 30-second cameo. Karan’s part could have definitely been bigger. Nevertheless, Jaz Dhami and Karan Aujla have produced a banger of a track and it is surely going to be a permanent addition to your playlists. It is not the casual heavy upbeat gangsta-song but rather a viby one.

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