Do You Know Bhagat Singh Considered 19 YO Martyred Kartar Singh Sarabha His ‘Guru’?

Bhagat Singh is a name that is respected, cherished and celebrated by every Indian. The freedom fighter sacrificed his life for mother India and dedicated his life for the welfare and freedom of Indians and India. Many consider the freedom fighter an idol, but do you know who was the idol of Bhagat Singh?

Don’t be surprised but Bhagat Singh was delighted by the life of a 19 YO young boy and considered him his guru. And he was none other than Kartar Singh Sarabha. Bhagat Singh always used to carry a picture of Kartar Singh Sarabha in his wallet and used to bow in front of it before addressing any speech or event.

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You must be thinking of what made Bhagat Singh so influenced by Sarabha. And you’ll find its answer in the life story of Kartar Singh Sarabha. He was only 19 years old but had heavy responsibilities on his shoulders. He was one of the founding members of the Ghadar Party and led the Gurmukhi version of the Ghadar newspaper at the age of 17.

Not only this, he sacrificed his life at the young age of 19 he was arrested and hanged to death by the British government. In the court’s final decision of awarding him a death sentence, the judge penned, “He is very proud of the crimes committed by him. He does not deserve mercy and should be sentenced to death.”

The order also read, “This young man tried to reverse the British rule from America to India. Whenever and wherever it got the opportunity, it tried to harm the British. Its condition is very low, but it is very terrible for British rule.

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This is not all, but a brief story from the grand life of Kartar Singh Sarabha. Not only Bhagat Singh, but many people, even today, bow their heads down to give tribute to the young freedom fighter who martyred while fighting for India’s Freedom.

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