Bigg Boss OTT : Prateek Sehajpal And Zeeshan Khan Indulge In Ugly Fight, Former Pushes Zeeshan

Bigg Boss OTT : Prateek Sehajpal And Zeeshan Khan Indulge In Ugly Fight, Former Pushes Zeeshan

One of the most active contestants in the first season of Bigg Boss OTT streaming live on Voot, is obviously Prateek Sehajpal. Since his entry into the house, he’s been involved in fights. Earlier, the young actor got involved in a verbal spat with Divya Agarwal and now he’s picked up another one with Zeeshan Khan.

Since there is no captain to lead the Bigg Boss house right now, the contestants are on themselves to delegate all the house chores. Some of the contestants are doing their assigned work while some seem to cut some slack while doing it. So, Zeeshan suggested that all the house members sit together and talk about the issues and then delegate the work. 

The idea did not seem to go well with Prateek. He immediately started objecting and taunting Zeeshan. He told Zeeshan that he should preach all this to his friends Shamita Shetty, Divya Agarwal and others first then to others. On continuous comments and remarks, the fight finally got out of hand and both the contestants got involved in an ugly fight.

Shamita took Zeeshan away from the situation to avoid more fighting and cool it down. But the fight soon took a physical turn. Prateek pushed Zeeshan and the situation worsened. After the pushing, Divya, Shamita, Zeeshan and a few others started objecting to it and Shamita demanded Bigg Boss to immediately take action against Prateek. Prateek kept poking Zeeshan and Karan Nath even aggressively asked Prateek to stop.

Physical touching with a motive to hurt somebody is not allowed in the Bigg Boss house. Prateek pushed Zeeshan during a fight and this made the contestants object to it. Zeeshan is also not wearing the mic in protest, demanding Bigg Boss to take strict action against Prateek for pushing him. 

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