Blackia Turns 2. Here Is The Flashback Story Of When Dev Kharoud Refused To Romance Ihana Dhillon While Shooting

Dev Kharoud has impressed us with his commendable acting skills. He has become a very strong and loved part of the Punjabi Film Industry. And one of his most successful punjabi movies included ‘Blackia’ too. 

The film has completed its two years of success today. And to celebrate it, we have brought you a very funny inside story from the shooting sets of Blackia.

We all know Blackia was an action movie, but there were parts where romance between Dev Kharoud and Ihana Dhillon was portrayed on screen. 

But do you know there was a time when Dev Kharoud had refused to romance Ihana while shooting?

Yes you read that right. And we know the fact is shocking as well. But trust us when you’ll know the backstory of this funny incident, you’ll laugh & roll on the floors too.

In an interview Dev Kharoud revealed that the crew had set up shooting of a romantic song at Ihana Dhillon’s village. Dev was not aware of the fact before, but when Ihana told him that it was her village, he got nervous.

And when the director told him to lift Ihana in his arms, he refused to do so. And he reasoned it by telling the director that all people who have gathered here to watch the shooting are Ihana’s relatives in a certain manner. 

This made each and every member of the crew laugh, and hence this became the most memorable memory for all of them from the sets of Blackia.

Blackia was a huge success because of the hard work everybody put in while making it. The fans still consider this movie as their favourite one, and we are sure this is going to be titled as an ‘Evergreen entertainer’.

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