Hari Har Veera Mallu Part 1: Teaser Released, Bobby Deol Features As A Villain In This South Indian Film

South’s superstar Pawan Kalyan has turned from actor to leader. On one hand, his party has formed an alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, on the other hand, amidst the election campaigns, the teaser of his new film ‘Hari Har Veera Mallu Part-1’ has also been released. 

In this teaser of about one and a half minutes, the audience will get to see the ferocious glimpse of Bobby Deol who became the Mughal emperor and Pawan Kalyan is seen fighting for the common people as a messiah.

Looking at the teaser, it also seems that he has chosen a script for the film which is in line with his political aspirations. Pawan Kalyan is seen doing action on the edge of the sword in ‘Hari Har Veera Mallu Part 1- Sword vs Spirit’.

In the teaser, while on one hand Pawan Kalyan has become a voice against oppression, on the other hand Bobby Deol is once again looking good in the role of a villain. 

In one of the scenes, Bobby is seen walking in the room and gives a glimpse of Baba Nirala of ‘Aashram’.  The teaser features Hyderabad, where atrocities reign. 

It seems that these days Bobby Deol is appealing to the southern directors in negative roles. He plays the role of an evil emperor in this film.

There is no doubt that this teaser increases the excitement for the film. The teaser shows a village being looted and people being tortured by the king. The village people have been suffering for so long that they have lost hope where Pawan Kalyan comes out as a messiah for the tortured villagers.

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