Bobby Deol’s Shooting Halted In Punjab, Crew Asked To Leave

The farmer’s protest has brought a sense of unbreakable unity among the farmer community and various states. People all over the world have shown breathtaking support to the protest. Days after Rihanna’s tweet about the farmer’s protest and bollywood’s backlash at her for wounding India’s sovereignty, Bobby Deol was seen shooting for his upcoming project, Love Hostel, in Punjab.

The actor reached Patiala city for shooting a sequence of the movie. But his shooting was disrupted by a group of farmers and the group told the crew to pack up and go back. The crew went away, without any comments. 

People of Punjab have taken a stand against bollywood for ignoring the farmer’s protest and not commenting on it for long. When the stars started commenting, they mostly seemed partial and did not talk anything about the farmer’s protest in particular. So Punjab called for bollywood’s boycott. The people of the state say they will not allow any bollywood shootings or releases in the state. According to them, bollywood has used their culture for their businesses but when their actual support was required, they went num.

Article by: Gautam

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