Chandigarh Businessman Spends 15.44 Lakh To Buy ‘0001’ Registration Number For His Scooter

How far have you ever gone for the sake of your wish or something you just casually wanted? It can be anything, but can you imagine spending a whopping amount of rupees 15.44 lakh on it? In our case, we cannot even dream of doing anything like that. But a local businessman from Chandigarh had the courage and bank balance to spend this much amount just to get a registration number of choice for his scooter. 

Yes, the story is astonishing but true. Brij Mohan, the owner of an advertisement agency recently made the highest bid to buy the registration number CH01CJ0001 in an e-auction conducted by the Registering and Licencing Authority. He bought the registration number for rupees 15.44 lakh for his scooter against a reserve price of rupees 50,000. 

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Talking about the same, Brij Mohan said that he likes the number and he will initially use it for his Activa that he’s recently bought for 80,000 INR and later for the car that he’s planning to buy on Diwali, this year. After ‘0001’, the second highest bid was made for registration number ‘0002’ which got sold for rupees 5,46,000. 

The ‘0001’ number surely is one among many fancy numbers that people wish to own. Earlier, the number was auctioned for rupees 24.40 lakh and the highest price ever offered for it in history remains 26.05 lakh in the year 2012. 

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After the auction, an official disclosed the total revenue collected after selling all the special registration numbers of the new series and re-auction of the leftover numbers. The revenue collected by the Registering and Licencing Authority is rupees 1,50,13,000. 

Now, the people who have made the highest bids for each special registration number will have to pay the amount within the time period of 1 month. And if in case someone fails to do so, a 10% penalty and 10% interest on the amount will be charged.

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