Cheated By Same Girl, Pav Dharia And Arun Sareen Became Best Friends

Pav Dharia is one of the Punjabi artists who are popular worldwide. His vocals, his music and even his video direction skills are at peak which makes him the favorite of his fans.

Today it’s his birthday and we have brought a very special story from his past. This story is related to his breakup but has various angles connected to it. This will let you know about his unbreakable bond of friendship with Arun Sareen, their song Bewafa and the story behind their break up with the same girl.

You might be surprised to know that Pav Dharia and Arun Sareen were in serious relationships but the irony is the fact that they both were involved with the same girl. While Pav was seeing her for almost three years, Arun had a relationship of 7 years.

And when they finally got to know that they were dating the same girl, they had to break up and the phase of consolling and supporting each other started. And this was when they started working on their first song together ‘Bewafa’. And as the same suggests it was inspired from the girl who cheated on both of them. 

They took weeks to complete the song and meanwhile became best buddies. 

And here comes the most dramatic and filmy part of the story which was the release of the song and how they planned to confront the guilty i.e. the girl obviously.

It was the time when Yash Raj’s last movie ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ was on the edge of being released and they knew it was going to be a great project. And they knew she’s going to come and watch it on the first day for sure. Hence they decided to show the promotional video of their song ‘Bewafa’ on the silver screens as an Ad. And it was unexpected for them that the guy who had to place their ad was impressed by the song and decided to screen the complete song on big screens. 

Pav Dharia also mentioned in an interview that they planned to screen the song’s promo only in a single theatre but they were overwhelmed when they got to know the complete song was screened nationwide. 

We know this story is really very dramatic and sounds more like a movie plot but believing the fact that it’s just a reality both Pav Dharia and Arun Sareen faced is mind-blowing.

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