Chobbar Movie Review: Jayy Randhawa’s Charisma In This Action-Drama Is Packed With Stunts

StarcastJayy Randhawa, Honey Mattu, Drishty Talwar
DirectorManeesh Bhatt
Kiddaan Rating

Jayy Randhawa recently released the movie Chobbar was one of the much-awaited movies in the Punjabi Film Industry. And when the film is finally out on the silver screens, the fans are more than just excited to finally watch it. In this Chobbar movie review, you will get to know detailed spoiler-free information about the movie.

When Chobbar was announced, Jayy promised it to be a unique romantic thriller and this statement made us more eager to watch the film. And when we have finally watched it, we will let you know if the final product if Chobbar delivered to our expectations or not. Read this Chobbar movie review, and you will have a clear idea about the film’s story, performances, songs, dialogues and more. 


The story of Chobbar revolves around the life of Sabi played by Jayy Randhawa. The plot of Chobbar entirely follows the revengeful motive of Sabi. His father died when he was very young. And the story then follows the story of him becoming a Chobbar who aspires to seek revenge from the man responsible for his father’s death.

Chobbar gives you enough reasons to digest why Jayy Randhawa has turned violent and is involved in criminal activities. In his journey, he is accompanied by Chabi (Honey Mattu) and Pari (Drishty Talwar). The fans will also get to enjoy a slow-cooking romance between Sabi and Pari. And we are glad that, unlike most movies, the blooming romance in this film seems justified and natural. 

Acting & Performances

The Chobbar movie review cannot be completed without mentioning the acting and performances of the talents. The film is led by Jayy Randhawa, and his performance was absolutely phenomenal. His looks added charm to his character and his dialogue delivery and expressions were brownie points.

Another character that steals the limelight in Chobbar was Chabi played by Honey Mattu. This man is continuing to stay our favorite as his ability to season the plots of movies is incredible. And honestly, we are not yet over his intense looks in the cute pink night suit.

Now talking about Drishty Talwar, she has marked her acting debut with Chobbar. And for her first project, she really did a good job. She was given a good screen space and spectrum to prove her caliber. While her acting was good, she needs to work a little more on putting expressions in her dialogue delivery. We are sure she has a long way to go in the Punjabi Film Industry.

Apart from these three actors in the major limelight, Chobbar also features amazing actors like Sukhwinder Chahal, Seema Kaushal, Kavi Singh and many more. And every talent was well utilized in this action-drama. 

Music & Dialogues 

As already discussed, Chobbar is a drama film with lots of action in it. Hence, the music obviously played a major role in its overall presentation. This film does not have many songs of its own but has given space to various popular songs by artists like Sidhu Moosewala, and Jayy himself.

But the background score of Chobbar definitely deserves appreciation as it enhanced the feel of the entire film and especially its fight and chase sequences.

Now heading to the dialogues of the film, there were some really savage one-liners penned by the writers. But on the other hand, some of the dialogues seemed cliché and lame. 

Writing & Direction

The story of Chobbar is written by Dheeraj Rattan, and the film is directed by Maneesh Bhatt. This duo has indeed worked hard in creating a unique and very different project. Chobbar is not a usual concept that you have been watching in most Punjabi movies, it’s a step ahead but with some loopholes.

The direction of the film is well done and executed. Maneesh Bhatt amazingly helmed the stunt sequences and made the film full-on upbeat. But the editor could have put in more effort to chop off the unnecessary seconds added to sequences as it made the film lose its grip at some points.

And talking about the writing, the story of Chobbar was good and impactful, but not focused on details. In some sequences, logic dies, but we can’t even expect much from a typical action-drama movie. 


Overall Chobbar is a good watch for action fans. The film glorifies Sabi’s character and is all about Sabi from the beginning to its end. Though Jayy promised this film to be a different kind of romantic thriller, the film failed to serve us a thrill. But it did a great job as a typical action-drama movie, and we have no more complaints. 

We are sure this Chobbar movie review has helped you in making up your mind about the film. There are definitely some flaws, but we can’t deny that Chobbar has succeeded in turning into a great action-drama movie for all the fans. If you are someone who is fascinated by action sequences, stunts, cars & bikes, Chobbar has a lot to offer you, and this film undoubtedly is a must-watch for you. 

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