Harpreet Brar Arranged A Call Between Sidhu Moosewala And Chris Gayle!

Source: IG Sidhu.Rebellion

Who isn’t a fan of Sidhu Moosewala? Be it top celebrities, singers or international cricket players, there is not a person who doesn’t enjoy his songs. It’s not just about his songs but also the persona he has built around himself that has caught everyone’s attention.

Sidhu’s songs have a certain hype to them and apparently even Chris Gayle (the world famous player from West Indies) couldn’t resist his charm. Reportedly , Chris Gayle asked his teammate Harpreet Brar (Indian Cricket Player) to set up a conversation with Sidhu.

Chris Gayle really enjoys Sidhu’s songs and he wants to talk to him over the phone. In an interview with Harpreet’s parents, his parents confirmed the news to be true.

Watch the complete video here:

Further, Harpreet’s parents shared that Harpreet texted Sidhu Moose Wala and informed him about Gayle’s interest and Sidhu seemed happy to talk and the two did have a conversation. It kind of feels like a proud moment, that our music is capturing the interest of such legendary players.

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