‘Contact Me For CD Live Shows’: Is Parmish Verma Replying To Controversial Story By B Praak?

A few days ago, top Punjabi singer B Praak uploaded an Instagram story that sparked a little controversy. Earlier the audience believed that it was meant for singer AP Dhillon since the story came just after AP had his first ever show in India, at Gurgaon. But now, it seems like we were wrong at our speculations and B Praak’s story was meant for none other than Parmish Verma!

Parmish Verma uploaded a story of his live performance at a wedding and wrote, “Contact for CD aale show”. Later, the singer went on to post a video from the same show and captioned the post, “Contact for NON LIVE SHOWS and Happy Vibes”, which seems to be a very clear reply to the story by B Praak.


The story that B Praak uploaded a few days ago said that he doesn’t know why singers who use CDs and Pen Drives in their Live shows do sound check. Are they checking that the CD or Pen drive is working well? AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon had just had their first ever live show in India on that day, which made the audience think that B Praak was referring to them.

But now, by the way Parmish is putting out his Instagram stories and posts, it feels like we finally know who the story was fired at. Both the artists did not mention each other specifically, anywhere in their posts or stories. So fans have that liberty to decide if the shots were actually shots!

We haven’t seen B Praak in many controversies in the course of his career. Though he has had some issues on various occasions, but never a controversy to be precise. But this is the Punjabi Music Industry. You always have to expect the unexpected here and controversies are the easiest things to do in this industry.

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