Couples Planted The Most Expensive Mango, Now Hire Six Watchdogs And Four Security Guards

There’s a couple in Madhya Pradesh who hire six watchdogs and four security guards to look after their trees. Yes, you also think they are crazy. So we must tell you a very interesting story behind this craziness. A couple named Sankalp Parihar and wife Rani who live in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh have two very special mango trees. Also, they are the most expensive mangoes in the world. 

How did they get the mango?

A few years back farmer Sankalp was travelling in a train and there was a man who asked him to buy two mango saplings for ₹2500. He even said that these are very expensive but Sankalp took it lightly. He planted those saplings and took care of them like a normal tree. But when they grew in pink-red un color their happiness was beyond the sky. First they were surprised but after some research, they got to know that these are actually the most expensive breed of mango. And both husband and wife feel like they hit a jackpot.

Moreover, in an interview Parihar says that he didn’t know the name of this variety, so he named it after his mother ‘Damini’. Though later after the research they found the real name which is ‘Miyazaki’, but still they call it Damini.

They also told, after coming on the news, some thief stole the mango, so they have to hire guards at ₹8000 per month and say these mangoes are his babies which is worth paying guards. They have no plans for selling Miyazaki mangoes as they want to grow more of them so every farmer can buy it at normal price like other varieties of mango.


About the New Mango

The new variety of mango, Mayazaki, is found in Japan. It is rarely grown in India. Besides, as per Japanese media reports, these are one of the most expensive mangoes in the world. This shiny pink-ruby mango sold at ₹21000 per piece. Moreover, according to the reports, the yielding of these flaming red mangoes started in Miyazaki in the late 70s and early 80s. The city’s tight weather, long hours of sunlight, and plentiful rain made it possible for the farmers in Miyazaki to go for mango farming.

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