Deep Rehaan Updates About Intro’s Announcement Of Karan Aujla’s BacDAfucUp Album

Ever Since Karan Aujla dropped the official poster of his debut album BacDAfucUp, all the audience has wanted is an update regarding the release of the album. 

It felt like the team had vanished after releasing the official poster of the album but now Deep Rehaan, the Chief Operating Officer of Rehaan Records, has finally revealed that the official intro date of the album will be made public after 8 June.

The hashtag below reveals the reason behind the silence. The team has been holding on to making any updates about the album public due to the 37th anniversary of the Sikh Genocide 1984 going on. The whole Punjabi industry has come together to remember the innocent civilians who lost their lives in the Massacres of ‘84.

Many artists have delayed their projects in remembrance of the infamous incident and to pay their tributes to the martyrs. And now, Karan Aujla’s album intro date has also been put on hold for the same reason. 

While the fans are super-excited for the debut album of the Punjabi industry’s leading artist, they are also applauding the action of delaying projects by various artists in the remembrance of ‘84. 

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