Dhillon Preet: The Journey From A Common Boy To A Top Actor, Model And Influencer

Punjabi Music Industry is a vast industry and there are thousands of actors and models who work in it. But to earn yourself a different name from the rest, you have to be special. Dhillon Preet is one such special artist. He is a talented actor and model of the Punjabi Music Industry.

He’s made his appearances as an actor in many superhit Punjabi songs. His pure hardwork and talent has earned him the reputation of a top actor in the Punjabi industry at such a young age. The journey might be still on its way but it started quite early in Dhillon’s life. He was just a child when he was fascinated towards the world of acting.

Dhillon Preet admits that he was very young when he had decided to become an actor. He was very attracted towards Punjabi movies, Hindi movies, dramas and shows. He loved cinema and decided that’s what he’s going to do in his life. And here we are today, recognising him as an ‘actor-model’. It is rightly said ‘Only those who are brave enough to dream are deserving enough to achieve them’. He used to play many roles in his school dramas and theatre.

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Talking about his journey from playing roles at the school level to now appearing before the world, Dhillon said “The path has been both thrilling and difficult. Like most aspiring performers, I struggled at first. There were times when I worried I wouldn’t be able to make it. My inner-voice and my parents’ faith in me, on the other hand, kept encouraging me that I could attain my ambitions. So, no matter what, I kept going. I continued to audition and work hard until I was offered my first acting role.”

Some of the music videos that Dhillon Preet has been featured in are Hatt Ja Passe, 420, Lalkare and Scorpio. You might already know this, Dhillon Preet isn’t an unknown name in the industry. In addition to being a top actor and model in the industry at a young age, he is also an Instagram influencer, and nowhere an ordinary one. 

He enjoys followership of 1.3 million on Instagram! It takes years of hard work, talent and determination to cross the 1 million followers mark on Instagram, many top Punjabi singers and actors do not enjoy such strong followership of the audience but Dhillon Preet has done it at such an early phase of his career. Going through his Instagram account will give you an insight into the actor-model’s life.

He mostly uploads funny reels and gym videos flaunting his perfect body that he’s built with his sweat and blood. The audience is also a big fan of his body built, his dressing and fashion sense. You would enter a totally different world when you go through his Instagram, the world of ‘Dhillon Preet’. The young lad is very positive about his career and wishes to achieve more unimaginable success in the future. He dreams of working in the film industry one day and is sure that the coming years will be very bright for him and he’s going to be approached by big production houses.

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