Did You Know Nokia Was Not Originally A Mobile Company? The True Story Is Unexpected

Success is just a seven letter word, but attaining it may take 7 or even 70 years. Some are born with a silver spoon and some have to work hard. While a bunch of fortunate brands made big bucks on the first try, others have to keep shifting their focus from to another sector till becoming successful. One such brand which has crossed all the hurdles to attain its entity is ‘Nokia’. 

From its iconic ringtone, to creating fond childhood memories of 90s born kids; Nokia has built its special place. The re-creation of ‘Nokia 3310’ was a proof of the company’s confidence in its products.

Nokia is a brand worldwide acknowledged for its impeccable growth in the telecommunication sector. However, not everyone is aware about the fact that Nokia was first a paper mill company. Yes, the brand initiated in 1865 with its single paper mill operation.

Not only that, over the years, Nokia has also tried hands on various sectors including cable, paper products, rubber boots, tires, mobile phones, and even television.

Nokia’s transition to a primary focus on telecommunications only began in 1990’s. With its eye-catching models, super sturdy cell bodies, and rapidly growing sales, Nokia also became the bestselling mobile phone brand in the world.

Well, from paper to phones, Nokia has not only evolved itself, but also paid a fair share in market growth. The success story of Nokia provides a moral message of trying different things until succeeding and keep struggling till seeing the shining sky.

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