Did You Know Surjit Bindrakhia Holds The Guinness World Record For The Longest Hek?

Surjit Bindrakhia is often called one of the greatest singers to ever exist in the Punjabi music industry. His vocal abilities and singing skills were recognized worldwide.

His sales amounted to over 250 million, at those times when a million sales were just a dream of many Punjabi greats. Often described as one of the greatest voices in Bhangra, Surjit Bindrakhia was known for his Heks. Hek is a long breathless high-toned note in Punjabi folk and Bindrakhia was a master of it. Don’t believe us? He has the Guinness World Record for the Longest Hek to his name. 

Surjit Bindrakhia has the biggest Punjabi hits to his name, Tera Yaar Bolda, Jatt Di Pasand and many more, but his song ‘Jugni’ released in 1992, made him a world record holder. The man executed the Punjabi Hek in the beginning of the song for a straight 28 seconds, making him win the world record for the longest Hek in a song ever.

The 28-second Hek was enough to win him the World Record but according to the singer himself and people who have been lucky enough to have witnessed him live singing on the stage say that he could do it for 34 seconds. It is unbelievable how he was able to do that. But that’s why he is regarded as one of the finest voices. He held abilities that no other singer ever could and that earned him the name of the greatest Bhangra voice in music. 

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