Do You Know About The Odd Jobs Bunty Bains Was Involved In During His Struggle Days?

Bunty Bains- lyricist,composer and producer lives by the motto ‘Always searching for the next superstar’. He is well known for his songs ‘Party all night’ and ‘Mitran De Boot’. But to reach such high point in your life, there is always a hidden story that no one is aware about.

The story includes all the struggles and difficulties Bunty went through to reach the point where he is at the present moment. Here is the story of Bunty Bains’ odd jobs that you probably didn’t know.

The first time Bunty came to Chandigarh from his village, he worked as a security guard at sector 17 and later worked in a sweets shop named Sindhi Sweet. His main motive to come to Chandigarh was to grab more opportunities as an artist and he did a number of odd jobs to earn his living.

After working at the sweets shop, he also worked at a Cloth house named Jain and Sons and later worked at a call center on a night shift so that no one comes to know about his ways of earning money. But there’s one thing that shocked us to the core and it is, Since Bunty was not able to pay rent at times, he decided to shift back to his village and would travel to Chandigarh everyday and used to walk all the way from Patiala to his village Samana (because no public transportation was available on the route) in order to reach his house while his way back home.

It is rightly said that the road to success is not easy and Bunty Bains is a true example for that. The amount of hard work he did in his struggling days, sure gave him a fruitful result.

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