Do You Know Amrinder Gill Used To Help Kapil Sharma In Meeting His Girlfriend

Kapil Sharma is a name that made the entire Punjabi and Indian community proud with the fame and popularity he got. His show, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is watched in almost every Indian house, and its episodes even fetch millions of views on Youtube too.

Kapil is a man whose initial years were not so stable, and he made his way towards success by going through a lot of struggle. Today, his fanbase is just as fabulous as his comic timing. He is now married to the love of his life Ginni, whom he met on the sets of ‘Hans Baliye’ back in 2009. The couple undoubtedly look adorable with their kids, Trishaan Sharma and Anayra Sharma. However, not everyone knows about the love life of Kapil Sharma, or his girlfriends before he got married.

Well, let us tell you about an incident long ago, when Kapil used to borrow cars to meet his girlfriend. In an interview, Kapil Sharma revealed about an incident when famous Punjabi singer, Amrinder Gill helped him meet his girlfriend. He said, “Back then, Amrinder had a Ford icon car. I borrowed his car, and even my girlfriend knew that the car did not belong to me. At that time, I used to borrow cars from friends; and I had fun doing that.”

Well, the story of Kapil borrowing cars is definitely something which interests us all. And the bond between Amrinder Gill and Kapil Sharma is also heartwarming. Otherwise, it’s not usual to find friends who let you borrow their cars, and that too a Ford.

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