Do You Know Binnu Dhillon’s Character In ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ Was Inspired From One Of Gippy Grewal’s Friends

Gippy Grewal, Binnu Dhillon and Sapna Pabbi starrer ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ was released on 31st August 2018. In the film, Binnu Dhillon plays the central character of Gill Bhai. His role has a grey shade to it as he plays the Mafia. As the story unfolds, we see Binnu play three different characters in the movie.

But very few know that Gippy Grewal wrote this role for himself and was looking for an actor who could play the second lead. However, he couldn’t find anyone to fit into the role of Titu. So he dropped the idea of preferring himself and selected Binnu for ‘Gill Bhai’.

Binnu Dhillon, who is an ace actor and excels in comic roles, has a character in the film that is anomalous. His starry entry on Sidhu Moosewala’s hit track ‘So High’ made him look like the mafia king. Yet, there’s another story behind this Mafia Character. 

Gippy Grewal once spilled the beans on Gill Bhai character which was somewhere inspired by one of his friends Gopi. He says Gopi used to visit him at his place, he never came alone. He used to come with a couple of muscle men surrounding him and he always had that particular look and attitude. 

Further, if you have watched the movie, you will find the same characteristics in Binnu Dhillon’s character. Not only this, people who always stand with Binnu as his gang members were not actors, but actually the real people that Gopi (Gippy’s friend) used to have in his circle. Gippy wanted to give a rawness to character and the ambience, thus, went ahead with this idea.

As we all know Binnu Dhillon has given some of the most iconic characters to Pollywood and every role had its own challenge. And if you have not watched this movie, then you must not miss it as it will definitely give you a roller coaster ride.

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