Do You Know Hardeep Grewal’s Tunka Tunka Was Originally Supposed To Be A Song Only?

Tunka Tunka is currently the most awaited Punjabi movie which is scheduled for its release on August 5th in the theatres. It will mark the acting debut of Punjabi singer Hardeep Grewal and the teaser of the same has been out.

Tunka Tunka Trailer Review

The trailer and teaser of the movie are impressing the fans but there is something about it that not many of you know. You will be surprised to know that Tunka Tunka was originally supposed to be only a song. Yes, that’s surprising and equally amazing too. In a press conference, Hardeep Grewal revealed that he had prepared a song which now fortunately is a part of Tunka Tunka. And while the team was busy deciding a perfect concept for the song, the idea happened to be the plot of Tunka Tunka. It didn’t take long for Hardeep to realise that the concept was unusual, great and doesn’t deserve to be executed in making a song only. 

But this is also not the end of the story, as after shelving the idea of making a song, the team decided to make a short film for the concept. The work for the short film also started, but again the team realized that the concept and the story is something beyond being just a short film and it deserves to be a complete feature film.

This is how Tunka Tunka was made, starting from the idea for a music video to making a full-fledged feature film out of it.

This story has made us most excited about listening to the special and most important song which gave birth to this amazing movie. 

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