Eknath Shinde Vows To Finish Lawrence Bishnoi, Salim Khan Calls The Attacker “Jahil”

Within two days of the firing at Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra, the accused shooters were arrested and they have also been given remand to the Crime Branch. 

After this, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde reached Salman Khan’s house with his entourage and met the actor there. Salim Khan was also present here. 

The CM inquired about the well-being of the family and also assured them of their safety. Meanwhile, the actor’s father spoke to the media. And he reacted to this whole matter. He also called those who threatened his son as ‘Jahil’.

While talking to the media, he said “What’s there to talk about ye jaahil log jo kehte hain maar denge tab pata lagega na.”

He further said that “We’ve been given extra police protection. They’ve (Mumbai Police) assured protection for us and our friends. If they’ve arrested two people today, that means they’re on it.”

Further, Eknath Shinde said to him  “The government is with you, I have told Salman Khan. Both the accused have been arrested. They will be interrogated. We will get to the root of the case. Nobody will be spared. Nobody should targeted this way”.

Upon meeting Salim Khan, Eknath Shinde vowed to finish Lawrence Bishnoi. Earlier this month, gunshots were fired at Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment and the responsibility was taken by Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother.

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