‘Farmers Protest’ Is The 2nd Most Tweeted Hashtag Of 2021 In India

The Farmers’ Protest was without a doubt one of the most talked about events of the year 2021. Not only did the protest make the year memorable, but it set an example for the world. As farmers walk out victorious from the protest, it cannot be denied that social media was an important reason behind the victory.

Twitter India has released their official list of the Most Tweeted Hashtags Of 2021 In India. And as the list states, ‘Farmers Protest’ was the second most tweeted hashtag in India in the year 2021! It was only behind the hashtag ‘COVID19’ on the list. It cannot be denied that COVID 19 pandemic is far from over. After bringing World Economies down and keeping them suppressed for almost a year in 2020, the global pandemic also showed its effect in 2021, and it was the most talked about topic on Twitter India in 2021.

Here is the official tweet that released the list of the Most Tweeted Hashtags Of 2021:

Twitter is without a doubt the perfect place to find what’s going around in the world. 2021 was a special year for multiple reasons and these 10 hashtags reveal them. 

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