Fight For Cooking Ignites Between Prateek Sehajpal, Shamita And Divya Agarwal Inside BB House

Actor and model Prateek Sehajpal has ignited the first fights inside the Bigg Boss house. It’s been only a day since the show has aired and it looks like things aren’t on good terms between Prateek Sehajpal and Divya Agarwal. Call it obsession or game plan, but actress Divya Agarwal is seen having issues with Prateek since the moment she was unpacking her bag. She talked about him to Ridhima Pandit and Neha Bhasin, and is still talking about him. 

Recently also, the duo was caught in a heated argument, in which Shamita Shetty was also involved. This verbal fight was all about kitchen duty and cooking. While Prateek complained and said not to cook too much food as it gets wasted, the latter (Divya and Shamita) were seen answering back, which led to a bad fight. Three of them were involved in a loud, aggressive and abusive fight. 

Their fight got the attention of the viewers and the housemates, and the verbal competition to win over each other rose to a level where Divya abused Prateek and in return Prateek abused Varun Sood (Divya Agarwal’s boyfriend). Noticeably this is not the first time Divya abused Prateek; she was seen hurling abuses at Prateek on the first day of the show as well.

Since they both have got into the first fights of the house, it is expected that this duo is going to turn into the biggest enemies. The fans are sure there is a lot on their way. 

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