Five Sikhs Used Their Turban to Rescue A Hiker Who Slipped Into The Waterfall: Viral Video

A mishap took place at Golden Ears Waterfall where a hiker slipped into the water high. It could have been a tragedy, but five Sikh men rescued a hiker using their turbans. According to the SAR Manager Rick Laing, “Five young males hiking past rendered them aid by taking their turbans off, tying them together and making one long rope.” 

The group had ensued upon the hiker and his friend who had been trying to help him and used extra clothes and turbans to custom a substitute rope of about 10 meters long for the man to grab onto so they could pull him out. 

“We all thought that it was very ingenious to do that,” Laing said.”I’ve never seen or heard of that before,” he added.

Laing said the man was “extremely lucky”. As the group passed by when they did, because he says at least one person a year slides and drowns after going over the falls in that area. 

He also added, “Certainly if he had stayed in the pool any longer he could have succumbed to hypothermia. He could have been swept over the falls, .” 

After the incident, Laing said that the man most surely would have suffered broken limbs or maybe even death if he had gone over the falls. He notifies anyone hiking in the area to be careful, regardless of the season. 

Source: CBC News

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