Former Pakistan Army Major Grieves The Loss Of Gen Bipin Rawat, Sets An Example For Both Nations

Base IMG Source: The Quint

The whole India mourned the sudden passing away of General Bipin Rawat, Chief Of Defense Staff (CDS) Of The Indian Armed Forces, in a plane crash, along with 12 others. He was the first-ever CDS of the country. The whole nation was left shocked and social media flooded with messages from all over the world.

Army Veteran Brigadier R.S. Pathania also tweeted, remembering the first-ever CDS of the country and the comment section of the tweet turned out to be the most positive thing you’ll see today. The tweet received many comments from all around the country and among them, one of the commenters was a Former-Pakistan Army Major, Adil Raja.

His reply to Brigadier R.S. Pathania’s tweet moved everyone’s hearts and people could not stop praising him for his positivity and the tweet. Brigadier R.S. Pathania also replied to Adil Raja’s comment, and said that ‘that’s what is expected from a soldier’. Adil Raja also came up with an old Punjabi saying and people were left surprised to see the amount of positivity and had immense respect for the army man. 

India Pakistan have always had political conflicts and the two countries have often been called each others’ ‘rivals’, but the citizens of both the countries and soldiers like Adil Raja keep on setting an example and sending the message loud and clear to the whole world that both the countries want peace and there are no conflicts among the common man on both sides, just immense love. 

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