From Dhan Kaur To Babbu Bains: 12 Strong Woman Characters Of Punjabi Industry

As we all know Cinema plays a vital role in characterizing amazing personalities who inspire us in more than one way. In an art form that largely casts men in the lead roles and women as supporting cast, there have been some memorable Punjabi films that deviated from the norm and depicted strong women characters which left a mark on society and became an inspiration to many

List Of Punjabi Actress Who Showed Their Strong Side In Reel Life

Sonam Bajwa – Guddiyan Patole

Sonam Bajwa has been able to record her composure with every character that she played, but with the role of Kash in ‘Guddiyan Patole’, she simply amazed everyone. The audience had seen her playing an independent girl or a girl next door, but they never saw her in a character that wore her heart on her sleeves. Kash was a girl with rough edges, she was soft-hearted but never showed her emotions on her face. 

Kulraj Randhawa – Needhi Singh 

Kulraj Randhawa had made her comeback with this impactful film. The film was about a pleasant and fun-loving girl named Needhi who believed in living life to the fullest. Being a strong-headed woman she doesn’t tolerate any kind of injustice and standing up for her close friend who lost her life after being assaulted sexually leads to troubles in her life. All these events lead her to take an extreme turn and become a rebel overnight.

Sonam Bajwa – Ardab Mutiyaran

Sonam was the show-stealer in the movie Ardab Mutiyaran with her impressive dialect that she had adapted for her role and being a full-blown, loud mouth rebel. The movie portrays the story of Babbu Bains who struggles to live on her own terms after getting married. She has been the epitome of women empowerment for many girls, especially through her film, Ardab Mutiyaran.

Neeru Bajwa – Channo Kamli Yaar Di

Neeru Bajwa is often called the Queen Of Pollywood, and there are endless reasons behind the same. Her portrayal in the movie Channo Kamli Yaar Di makes her a strong feminist woman. She was shown pregnant and we must tell you that she was pregnant in real life in that film. Her independence, survival in a foreign land, and mental strength make this role a feminist one in Punjabi Cinema.

Sargun Mehta – Surkhi Bindi 

Sargun Mehta has always resurfaced on the list of strong women characters. Her character in Surkhi Bindi serves as an excellent role model for all the women who have given up on their dreams for various reasons. This film becomes a must-watch as a result of her excellent portrayal of her character. The urge to live one’s dream irrespective of whatever the situation is makes Raano (Sargun) a feminist character in the movie.

Nirmal Rishi – Nikka Zaildar

Talking about the film, Nikka Zaildar, it was a package of complete entertainment, just because of Daadiji, played by Nirmal Rishi. Her splendid performance in the film has definitely contributed the most to its grand success. Her acting skills and perfect comic timing in the film leaves no doubt why she is here on our list.

Rupinder Rupi – Asees

Rupinder Kaur in the film, Asees has lived the character more than just playing. In the film, she is portrayed as a mother of 5 children, who struggle with the pain of disputes for property amongst her own children. Her character is a part of a fiction story for sure, but her natural acting and emotions make us helpless in controlling our tears.

Kirron Kher – Punjab 1984

Kirron Kher portrays a really powerful one in the film Punjab 1984. The legendary actress’s excellent acting skills in the film have won over the hearts of the audience. Her character’s performance connects with the audience in such a way that everyone becomes emotionally involved. The strong, emotional, and painful portrait of Satwant Kaur by Kirron Kher helps us to know much of the strong willpower martyrs’ mothers have.

Mandy Takhar – Rabb Da Radio

Mandy Takhar’s acting abilities were at their peak in the film Rabb Da Radio. In every film, she has done a commendable performance, but this film is considered one of her best films. She was certainly a strong one throughout the story. Though she married in a very narrow-minded family, as the film goes on she broke the stereotypes and took a stand for herself and her sister-in-law (Simi Chahal). 

Tania – Sufna

Tania who played the character of Teg in the film Sufna has surely won our hearts with her performance. In the film, the actress lived with her very strict aunty. But she always stood strong and faced all the obstacles. Till the end of the movie, she fought for herself, her mother, father and lover- Jeet (Ammy Virk). She proves that one should never doubt a girl with her simplicity.

Sargun Mehta – Angrej

Sargun Mehta is undeniably one of the amazing actresses. But her commendable role in her Punjabi debut movie Angrej has won everyone’s heart. She portrayed the role of a girl with a balanced mix of emotions and maturity. It makes Dhann Kaur (Sargun) a unique character who knows the consequences of what will happen if she hurts her dear ones. Her maturity and sense make this role a feminist role in that ancient era.

Kavita Kaushik – Vekh Barataan Chaliyan

At a time when actors look for versatility, Kavita Kaushal has no qualms about being recognised by her famous Punjabi debut Vekh Barataan Challiyan. She played the role of a Jat Haryanvi Girl who falls in love with a Punjabi boy. But how she took a stand for her love and not only this, she is shown as an independent woman, which surely inspires us in many ways.

Hence, blessed with the lethal combination of beauty with brains, these belles have cast their spell on the audience. They motivate us, encourage us and show that no matter what, women can stand for themselves in every situation.

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